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SavingSpecies provides hope for the future of nature.

SavingSpecies is a unique conservation organization, because of the way that we use science to drive our conservation decisions. We maximize our efforts by restoring forest connectivity, increasing species’ chances for survival and thriving. This focus keeps down costs while being extraordinarily effective for many species across the globe.

There are five steps in our strategy:

  1. We use GIS and species mapping technology to identify the hottest of biodiversity hotspots.
  2. We search specifically for areas where we can reconnect forest fragments, creating wildlife corridors to increase habitat for the most rare and endangered species.
  3. We collaborate with local organizations that know the country well and are able to negotiate land sales on our behalf.
  4. We raise money from donors and grants to fund the land sales on behalf of the in-country organizations and to provide restoration measures.
  5. We provide technical assistance and monitoring to measure how quickly the forest is recovering and to assure our donors that their funds are helping to save species–which can even be seen on Google Earth.

As you will see from our Golden Lion Tamarin Project in Brazil, we helped a Brazilian group to buy Brazilian land. The land was then turned over to Brazil’s national park service, to be protected in perpetuity. We also raised money to help save the bamboo lemur in Madagascar and hummingbirds and orchids in Colombia.
SavingSpecies also evaluates how much carbon dioxide will be sequestered or “soaked up” by the forest and land we help to purchase and restore. By supporting SavingSpecies our donors help us plant trees that take carbon dioxide out of the air, helping donors to be carbon neutral.
SavingSpecies provides the scientific information for donors to know exactly who does what, where, and why it is important to do so. SavingSpecies solicits proposals globally that identify specific direct conservation actions with a high potential to directly prevent extinctions.
SavingSpecies monitors progress and shows donors the places we work using Google Earth. Then, we continue to show donors how the purchased lands recover, regrowing forests.
On these pages, you will find out how SavingSpecies protects endangered species and their habitats better than anyone. Explore, and feel free to engage with us!
Want to know more? Ask questions, provide feedback or just stay in touch with us on Twitter (@savingspecies) or Facebook.

Meet our Scientific Board
Stuart Pimm
Thomas Lovejoy
Event Manager
Edward O. Wilson
Peter Raven
President Emeritus
Patricia Wright
Trevor Price
What People Say About Us

Just amazing work! You guys are brilliant.

Emma KajiyamaFounder at The Urban Nurture Project

Amazing really really really really really amazing.

Joshua Fahrney
Good work - you are desperately needed in this 
Trond Kvitvik
Science-Based Conservation: CPR For Earth 
i.      We summarize our strategy with a simple acronym, CPR: 
ii.      CONNECT isolated habitats 
iii.      PROTECT land and wildlife 
iv.      RESTORE the land to natural and native forest for biodiversity 
v.      Because of our requirements, our scientists have to search 
carefully for the best projects. We use satellite technology, 
scientific surveys and mapping data to find areas that have 
the world’s highest biodiversity, in regions called 
biodiversity hotspotsLearn more about CPR For Earth. 
Our Accomplishments
Amount Raised for Conservation70%
Area of Land Protected and Restored40%
Number of Species Saved60%